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Shaneika Aguilar

Photographer + Filmmaker

Enrolled on: Photography: Mastered 2015

Location: Honolulu, HI, United States

I am a young visual creator from Honolulu, Hawaii currently specializing in the art of photography and filmmaking. Ever since the 8th grade, I've always known that I wanted to pursue both of these careers in the future and now that I'm a college student, that is exactly what I'm working towards. I'm currently working on my BA for Business Marketing and the Academy of Creative Media. I'm also the social media content creator for Urban Outfitters Hawaii and one of the creative directors for University of Hawaii at Manoa's Innovators of Fashion. || Film Work:

    Ashley Hobbs
    for Breanne McCleary
    Bex Collections
    by Becca Scott
    Eva Jade Blacker
    for Ayaka Hosomi
    Roxy Facer
    for Urban Outfitters Hawaii
    Eva Jade Blacker
    for Urban Outfitters Hawaii
    Jennifer Reyes
    for Volcom
    Jennifer Reyes
    For Indigo Child Hawaii
    Melia Kim for Urban Outfitters with makeup by Remy Reed and styling by Rance China