We have big ambitions

We want to empower the best emerging fashion talent to advance their careers.
We are on our way - we’re profitable, our courses are over-subscribed, we’re partnering with iconic industry leaders - but there’s so much more to do.
This is where you come in.

A talent company needs great talent

We’re focused on giving our students the skills and opportunities they need to make the most of their talent. The same is true of the people that work here.

If you’re passionate, talented and committed, we will do what it takes for you to make the most of your abilities and to achieve your own life and career goals. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that if you’re successful, then the company will be successful.

Great work starts with a great purpose.

Above anything else, what makes Mastered a great place to work is the meaningful reason underpinning why we do it. Working here is a chance to improve the lives and careers of thousands of talented professionals from around the world.

To see them progress and to have contributed to that success is what makes it an unique privilege to work here and be part of creating this story.

Outstanding people

To build the best product you need the best people.

We’re focused on giving our customers the highest quality experience possible. Which is why we set the bar high for our people. We hire the best and push them to be better.

For you that means coming to work everyday and having the chance to work with talented people who dream big, who get things done; who are always looking to improve; and who care about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Shared success

We’ll never tell you “hard work is its own reward”. Or pretend that a company masseur makes up for miserly salaries.

Our single most important principle is that as the company increases in value, everyone should benefit from that. Which means that all of our full-time staff – at whatever level – have the chance to be shareholders in the company, so when they contribute to its success, they can share in its success too.

Sweet studio

We know that people need the right environment to succeed. Our warehouse studio is in Shoreditch, right in the middle of London’s creative and digital industries.

It’s a relaxed environment. We provide a free team lunch once a week. We have monthly team breakfasts. We get away from it all with regular trips, most recently to Berlin. Everyone gets an Apple laptop to use if they want it. There’s even a sweet shop.

Own your work

Our courses are managed by cross-functional teams. Everyone brings their unique skills and experience to the table, and everyone learns from each other. We don’t have layers of middle management making your life more complicated. We believe in giving people the tools and responsibility to succeed and then letting them get on with it.

Open positions

No positions currently open, please check back soon.