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Anna Berry


Enrolled on: Photography: Mastered 2015

Location: London, EN, United Kingdom

I am primarily a fine artist, and my background is in portrait photography. I'm enjoy the freedom to work creatively that you find in fashion photography, although I keep my ambition to subvert the genre firmly in view! Ideally I would like to present different images of womanhood, diverse body shapes, and women of colour. My strengths, I think, are my technicianship and control of light, and my creativity. As an artist I'm primarily interested in ideas, and explore things like the nature of reality, and issues around disability. Visually I tend towards the low-key and dramatic. In my artwork I often work with paper, and kinetic sculpture - you can see some of my work here: You can see some of my photographic work here:

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    Matt I
    Part of an EP/artwork shoot for musician, Matt.
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    Matt II
    Part of an EP/artwork shoot for musician, Matt.
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    Part of EP/artwork shoot for Musician, Tim
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    Part of a shoot published in Hope From Dead End Town, a Black Dogs publication.
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    A portrait of my beautiful friend Vicki
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    (no title)
    Part of a personal shoot
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    Part of a personal shoot of my beautiful friend Jehan
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    40s Fashion
    This is part of a spread on 40s fashion for a student fashion magazine